The archery team hosted a youth archery event to teach young archery shooters about technique and safety on the archery field. 

All smiles! The children learned a lot and both the kids and the instructors had a great time.

You have to wonder if the kids are this quiet and attentive in school...

The annual fishing derby is a two-day event with fun for all ages. There is no better family fun than sitting by the ponds on a warm Spring day waiting for a trout to bite. 

No experience is necessary. This is not a fishing derby in the sense that everyone is a pro fisherman trying to catch the big prize. Rather, this is a derby where everyone from little children to senior citizens can enjoy fishing and learn how to fish. Volunteers are on hand to show new anglers how to tie a hook on the line, to help you bait it, and to take a fish off the line for you. For many children (and adults) this is their first exposure to fishing and lets face it, unlike fishing in the wild, we stack the odds in favor of everyone catching a fish. 

These are private ponds so a fishing license is not required, bait is available at a very reasonable cost, and even a limited number of rods are available for free if needed.

The kitchen is open during the event for breakfast and lunch. We've become known as the best place in town to eat because of the large quantities of excellent food at reasonable prices!

Our annual steer roast is another of our family fun events open to the public and with fun for all ages. We don't actually roast a steer but we do grill up some mean burgers, dogs, and roast beef! Not to mention all the sides like corn on the cob, salads, chips, and of course Dracut's famous Shaw ice cream. Your ticket gets you a wrist band that is your meal ticket. If you sit down with a burger and corn and then regret that you didn't try the roast beef no problem. Just get up and go back for more!

You would think that being called a "Steer Roast" it would be all about the food, and it is, but the best part of this event is the fun family time. There is usually a bounce house and water slide, face painting, and a clown for the little ones as well as horse shoes, tug-of-wars, and games for those of us that act like big kids. And of course there are the many, many, door prizes and chances.

The steer roast is held on club grounds in our open field area. A large picnic pavilion as well as one or two large tents provide cover from the sun so that families are comfortable while the kids have a blast.​ ​Come join us this year!

What better way to say "Goodbye" to summer than with a live band (excellent music), delicious food, and great friends. This year we had a free barbecue just for the fun of it and what a great time everyone had. Chris manned the bonfire which became the favorite place to be when the sun went down and temperatures cooled. Clem, Diane, and Josh handled the cooking and serving. And thanks to Dan and Katie for organizing it and pulling off another great event.